100 Happy Days

Have you heard about this initiative yet?

100 Happy Days is exactly that. The aim is to post a picture of something that makes you happy, everyday, for 100 days.

I learnt about this programme about 96 days ago. A Facebook friend of mine has been doing the ‘programme’ Imageand it has been inspiring. He has found happiness is the smallest of things. When looking through all of his posts, it made me realise, that (just as the website said) our lives have become SO busy that it becomes easy to over-look the things that make us smile everyday.

Recently, my life has become pretty stressed. Between work, school, sports, homework and other commitments and responsibilities, I have found myself progressively getting grumpier and less patient with everyone around me. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe this 100 Happy Days thing might just work for me. So feeling inspired, I have decided to start today.

Unfortunately, the website that runs the programme only acknowledges Tumblr (among Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and as a blogging website in which you can sign up with. Because I prefer wordpress, I’m going to embark on this ‘adventure’ unofficially.

My goal is to stay committed and actually post on here.

So follow me….I don’t want to be a grumpy teenager who turns into a grumpy adult đŸ˜‰ I wanna make the world just that little bit brighter!



Disclaimer- 100HappyDays.com is not sponsoring this post. All credit for the idea goes to them. I merely participating in the programme but am unable to officially sign up as WordPress is not currently an option on their sign-up page.


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